David Porterfield

Pastor David Porterfield

Hi!  I’m David and I’ve been in ministry for 30 years.  I came to St. Luke’s UMC to be the pastor in July of 2017. 

I love to offer the truth of God’s word in preaching and teaching, and I believe God is calling each of us to grow deeper in the Love of God and of neighbor.  God also wants us to grow in loving ourselves!

If you and I could meet, I believe we would each find something to offer one another that was just what was needed.  That is my prayer… to be able to bring something to your life that will make a difference in your spiritual journey.

I’m married to Ava.  She is working as a licensed professional counselor and she’s very good, having been in practice over 20 years.

Ava and I have been married 37 years.  We have three grown and married children, and two grandchildren – Caleb (5yr) and Mary (6 mo.) 

I have a lot of personal interests, and I would love to learn about yours.  I enjoy playing guitar for praise and worship.  I’ve done a lot of running in my past, and I’m an avid cyclist.  My current state of fitness might show I’ve fallen off the fitness wagon for a while.  Maybe you could help me get on my bicycle and ride!  I love coffee, and I’ve created my own roasting system, so I like to roast and grind my own coffee. We love to camp and be outdoors.

I’d love to tell you a lot more, but it would be better if we just met, and you could ask me anything you wanted to know.  If you come to St. Luke’s, please be sure to introduce yourself to me.  I’d love to know about you also.

Life is meant to be a great adventure of love, with God at the center.  Even with all the challenges and broken pieces of life we face every day, there is something in each moment God wants to use to shape us into God’s image.  Let’s journey together!

  October 2017  
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